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Posted in Archie's Blog! on April 12th, 2010 12:14 PM

Aside from Ravenblack and Starships, I've been playing DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online), this is another free to play game I've become addicted to.

I hate spiders. Why does every dungeon have to be loaded with spiders? They are creepy.

The game itself is exactly like the classic table top RPG. The monsters are the same. The stats and dice rolling are all the same. Spells and items do the same things. I played original D+D for years (since '77) and I found myself to be an immediate expert at this new MMORPG called DDO. I leveled in no time flat. Blew through the tutorial like I'd programmed it myself, and now have a character that is more powerful that he should be...simply because of my experience in the original table-top TSR game. I already know all of the monsters and what they do. I know their strengths and weaknesses, how to avoid their traps, and where they hide their treasure, as a result my wizard is quite a bit more beefy than his counterparts.

This game is addictive and fun, and I don't get bored because there is plenty to explore, and plenty of surprises even for me.

Destroy your Enemies- see them driven before you

Posted in Archie's Blog! on February 02nd, 2009 08:48 PM

Well the pointless battling seems to be drawing to a close.

I'm referring to that moron reaver858 and his band of merry idiots who decided to jump into the middle of our zeroing HGE and Latanya. I guess they thought the Capadocians would be easy targets, and they could get free hits without having to pay a price. They will eventually give an official surrender or their clan will break up. That's how it always goes.

Now on a new front, we have a new group of idiots. These posers call themselves the "Midnights" led by "The David", a noob vampire who greatest claim to fame is that he, the OOC player, used to run the vampire Mooncalf for 18 months over 5 years ago. These wannbes fancy themselves as "chaotic" and go around to the various halls and boards being disruptive and spamming. They keep copying old ideas, including several of mine, from back in David's old days, and they keep getting busted as copy-cat posers, which is rightful because thats all they are. They even copied some of my old worn-out stuff.

These "chaotics" have yet to come up with anything unique, innovative, or even interesting. In fact their membership has been leaked, and now people know who all the posers are, and a lot of the membership have left. Ah, the drama of Vampires- Dark Alleyway.

Archie's Arcade is OPEN!

Posted in Archie's Blog! on January 03rd, 2009 07:02 PM

Welcome to Archie's Arcade! This is my first blog entry just to get things rolling. The place looks good, got about 500 games installed. I think it's pretty cool for a private arcade, I hope my guests do as well!

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