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About Us

Rabid Panda Games was started in 2005, and launched with it's premiere game, "Starships!", and later "Kooties!". Rabid Panda Ranch has also dabbled in hosting various MMORPG boards and clan sites, as well as such things as link exchanges.

Archie's Arcade is Archangel's brainchild, built because he had become frustrated with such online arcades as, which he feels are too large and impersonal, and do not offer a wide enough variety of games. At the time of this writing, Archies Arcade has twice the number of games as more mainstream arcades such as Pogo, and more games are on the way.

Rabid Panda Ranch is owned by Tejasdragon and Archangel (Yes those are their real names) who are very happily married :)